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Need to Buy Equipment?

Storage Container Rental

Container Usage:

Containers are an excellent option for the temporary storage of:

  • Seasonal or Excess Inventory
  • File Storage Boxes
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Garments
  • Construction Site Tools & Materials
  • ...and many more!

About Our Storage Containers:

Our fleet of containers is equipped with wind & water tight (WWT) units to protect your stored values from natural elements. We also include lock boxes on the doors for better security.


  • Fully remanufactured units

  • Steel panels / Heavy duty construction

  • Double doors at one end of the unit.

  • Ground level units for safe & convenient access

  • Two coats of special paint - light grey color - to ensure durability.

  • Units in compliance with ISO standards.

Our Products:


20' Standard

40' Standard

40' High Cube

(Length x Width x Height)

20' x 8' x 8' 6"

40'x 8' x 8' 6"

40' x 8' x 9' 6"

Floor Space

160 square ft

320 square ft

320 square ft

Cubic Capacity

1,173 cubic ft

2,391 cubic ft

2,684 cubic ft

Door Openings
(Width x Height)

7' 8" x 7' 5"

7' 8" x 7' 5"

7' 8" x 8' 5"

Empty Tare Weight

5,160 lbs

8,730 lbs

9,766 lbs

Max Load Weight

39,000 lbs

58,500 lbs

57,400 lbs

Note: The above dimensions and specifications are intended to be a general guideline - they may vary depending on the manufacturers.

Rental Periods:

Rental periods may vary depending on your needs for temporary storage space. We rent containers for a minimum of 2 months, and clients are billed in advance. We use monthly billing cycles (30/ 31 days; except for month of February).

Rental Fees:

Please Contact us to receive information on rental rates.

Location Preparation:

Location Size: For the delivery of a container you will need unloading space of 15' wide x 120' long x 20' height (For 40' Containers), and 15' wide x 60' long x 20' height (For 20' Containers) .

Location Conditions: The delivery site must be level or flat, dry, and free of obstacles (rocks, trees, equipment, cables below the required height, and more).

Building Codes: A container is in most cases considered to be a temporary structure in off road places, and no permits are required. However, building codes may vary from one area to the other. Before renting a container you must check the codes for use of these structures with your local building department.

Door Orientation: Our customer service representative must be informed of which way you need the doors of the containers to be facing. At the time of loading the container for delivery the doors must be facing the cab or the rear of the truck / street.

  • Facing the Cab - At the site, the door will be facing the truck as it unloads and moves forward.
  • Facing the Rear/Street - At the site, the door will be facing the opposite side of the truck as it unloads and moves forward.

Delivery & Pick Up:

Pick up and delivery rates are for a maximum of two (2) hours within Miami Dade County starting when the truck leaves the yard; ending when it unloads the container in your site. Rates for additional delivery / pick up time may apply.

Transportation of containers will generally be scheduled 48 hours after the order has been received in our office.

Container Shelving System:

GMA Capital exclusively offers the innovative ConExtra® Shelving System for containers in most of the State of Florida . The system consists of steel brackets and pipe racks that allow you to maximize the usable space inside your container - quickly and easily! Our brackets and racks provide immense shelf space and rigid stock storage without interfering with valuable floor space.

We deliver the brackets with construction grade lumber boards or galvanized rigid conduit pipes (GRC) - for apparel & bike brackets only - to ensure that your load is secure.

To rent or find out more about this system please go to Container Shelving System

Container Rental Requirements:

1. Fill Out and send Credit Application Form

2. Read, sign & send Rental Contract*

3. Provide Certificate of Liability Insurance - GMA Capital, Inc. as Certificate Holder.

4. Read, fill out, sign, and send our "Delivery & Pick up Checklist" Form*

* Provided by our Customer Service representatives.


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