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Leasing Programs

Leasing programs available through GMA Capital, Inc.:

  • TRAC Lease - It a true lease for federal income tax purposes even though it contains a terminal rental adjustment clause (TRAC) that effectively guarantees the residual.

  • Sales-Leaseback Arrangements - the lessee sells the property to be leased to the lessor then lease back the same property and continues to enjoy its use.

  • Operating Lease or True Lease - the lessee for tax purposes fails to meet all tests for a conditional sale contract under IRS Revenue Ruling 55-540, and therefore it is entitles to claim the entire amount of the lease rental as a tax deduction.

  • Synthetic Leases - It is an operating lease for accounting purposes. It has two common goals: to achieve off-balance sheet treatment and to maximize their tax deductions.

  • Master Lease Agreements - It is not a lease classification, but rather a single document in which the lessee may add additional schedules representing equipment later acquired all subject to the same terms and conditions.

  • Deferred Payment Programs - We can defer leasing payments to help the end user to better manage the equipment inception in their fleet and start receiving some income without paying anything at the beginning.

  • Project Financing - Structuring this type of program requires the necessary expertise. We have a team of credit, legal, and financial analysts that will exceed your expectations.

  • Other Leasing Programs are Available Upon Request - Ask one of our sales staff about the different leasing structure we can create for you.


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