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Need to Buy Equipment?

Why Lease?
  1. Why lease equipment?
    Leasing is an easy way to acquire the use of equipment and pay as you gain its benefit.

  2. What exactly is capital equipment?
    Generally, it is any piece of equipment a company uses that has a life-span, something that is used over and over by the company to perform a specific task or tasks. It may require a major investment of a company's capital. It may, on the other hand, be leased.

    In business, there is no particular advantage to equipment ownership. Companies don't make money by owning equipment, but by using it.

  3. If a company has the money on hand, isn't paying cash always better than leasing?
    Most of the time, paying cash is not more advantageous than leasing. That is because cash itself is such a valuable commodity. If it is spent on one thing, it is not available for other things like payroll, rent, etc. And when a company makes itself "cash poor" by spending it on equipment, they may find it necessary to borrow money later, at a high rate of interest. Fact: money costs money, and any company that has an excess of should first consider how to conserve the use of it.

    In addition, because the tax advantages of leasing are significant, it is a way to allow the federal government to lend a hand. All companies are, or should be, aware of this benefit.

  4. What happens if I no longer have need for the equipment?
    This can be a problem, especially if you have already paid for the equipment. With leasing you have flexibility by choosing the lease term (generally 2-5 years) to match your needs. If your needs change you will find it easier to replace equipment when leased.

  5. Who owns the equipment?
    The leasing company (lessor) purchases the equipment. If the equipment is new, all warranties of the manufacturer are assigned to you (lessee). For used equipment, no warranties will be available by the manufacturer based on their terms and condition, unless special arrangement has been made with the vendor.

  6. Who pays for insurance and taxes?
    The lessee is responsible to pay insurance, taxes, and maintenance. However, we accommodate the need of the customers where in some cases we can include soft costs in the leasing program.

  7. How long does the credit approval process take?
    In most cases you will know in 24 to 48 hours. This depends on the size of the request and the information you provide on the application and other financial documents. For large ticket items usually takes from 15 to 30 days approximately.


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